Do you need trusted strategic advisors to help you know, plan, or do something so your organization or community can improve tomorrow?

SIR began as a traditional market research firm and has conducted over 14,000 consumer studies. In the last decade we evolved beyond research to provide services our clients needed. We are typically engaged by clients to help them in one or more of four ways:


You've got questions, we find answers. Whether you're trying to determine gaps in the market, position your organization or community, or gain a deeper understanding of your customers or stakeholders, we can help. Our goal isn't to sell you a research study, but to discover what you need to know.



Our seasoned business experts provide top-to-top strategic planning. Whether you are trying to determine the best path forward or remedy an issue holding you back, SIR can provide the necessary guidance. We don't bring packaged solutions, but develop strategies that will work for you. We are disciplined, thoughtful, and relentless in whatever we do for you. 



SIR's professionals have a deep background in public relations, public affairs, corporate communications, advertising, reputation management, and internal culture building. Plus, we’re grown-ups who respect what everyone brings to the table, including the client. That means we deliver solutions without ego.




Everyone wants to know what's coming. We've discovered that the best way to fully understand tomorrow is to consider the people factor. The trends shaping the future will be shaped by the people making it happen—and they're all from different generations.

Directed by SIR's Matt Thornhill, the founder of SIR's Boomer Project and GenerationsMatter, the Institute for Tomorrow is the new name and focus of our think tank.

We help clients map out the future we already know. This isn't about predicting the future. It's about planning for tomorrow. We'll help you get ready.



Call Michael Norvell at 804-342-1774, or email him at michael.norvell@sirhq.com.