Preparing DMV for a driverless and “less-driving” future

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SIR Client: Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

Challenge: The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) saw that times were changing in 2016 and that its future revenues and operations were on the line. Younger generations will increasingly rely less on their own cars and licenses and more on services like Uber — if cars are even needed at all. Walkable communities continue to gain footing (pun intended), and driverless vehicles are practically here. Smartly, the DMV wanted to prepare for these inevitable challenges, learning how and where to operate service centers and how to generate critical revenue for the state.

Action: SIR conducted customized, in-depth research among DMV’s customers — Virginia residents. We combined our findings with trends research from SIR’s Institute for Tomorrow to thoughtfully facilitate the DMV senior management team in its development of a long-term strategic plan. 

Results: DMV leaders now have a research- and trends-inspired road map to the future. The plan intends to help the agency remain relevant to Virginia residents for decades to come.

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