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Sandra Baker, Principal, Finance & HR

Sandra Baker, Principal, Finance & HR


Sandra Baker is SIR's secret weapon and most-valuable player. She runs the factory, so to speak, enabling the team to focus on client work. Anyone who has had to keep up with local, state, or national regulations will tell you that it's getting more daunting than ever. SIR is fortunate to have Sandra on that assignment, allowing everyone else to do their jobs.

Sandra's strong backbone has been holding up SIR for over ten years, and she's always looking for better, more efficient, and effective ways for us to operate. Streamlining processing while maintaining quality is not a simple parlor trick, but Sandra manages to do it with style and grace.

When she's not running the firm's back office, she's often hiking in the back country with her constant two-legged companion, George.

Contact Sandra at sandra.baker@sirhq.com.

Sandra is on LinkedIn.