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Samantha Blackburn, Senior Advisor

Samantha Blackburn, Senior Advisor


How does a proud Texan with undergraduate and master's degrees in business and communication (from the University of Texas at San Antonio and from the University of Notre Dame, if you must know) end up at a small marketing research firm in Richmond? Samantha Blackburn's just lucky, that's how. But we're luckier.

Sam has always been unconventional — and that's a good thing in our book. She is SIR's top researcher, specializing in the quantitative and data analytics side, but she's also highly knowledgeable about communications and consumer behavior. Sam tells us she always sees a story about people in the numbers, and she's right. 

What our clients see is someone with a sparkling attitude and a tenacious approach to designing, planning, implementing, and analyzing research studies that deliver practical insights. On top of that, Sam is an exceptional writer. Her ability to translate complex data into crystal-clear language is one of SIR's secret weapons.

When not tackling the next assignment at SIR, Sam is kept on her toes by her husband, Bob (he's really tall), and their pre-schooler son, Alex (he's really active). 

Contact Sam at samantha.blackburn@sirhq.com.

Sam is on LinkedIn.