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Ried Watkins, Business Manager IFT

Ried Watkins, Business Manager IFT


Ried Watkins (that’s right, “i” before “e”) should probably be in the voice-over business. Don’t let the baby face fool you, he’s got the pipes of James Earl Jones, and consequently, does a wicked good Vader impression.

A VCU business school grad and Richmond native, Ried loves to read (a rhyme he’s never heard before) and can often be spotted mountain biking on the local trails.

As a business manager for the Institute for Tomorrow, Ried spends his days connecting with other organizations eager to understand and prepare for the future. With its demographic shifts and the rise of autonomous vehicles, tomorrow is going to be quite different from today, and Ried uses his sales and marketing experience to help us spread that truth. Typical of his generation, he’s also social media–savvy, and he ensures the the Institute stays “fresh” in the digital realm.

Contact Ried at ried@institutefortomorrow.com

Or if you just need to hear that voice, call him at 804-342-1767

He’s also on LinkedIn.