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 Ralph Cummins, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer

Ralph Cummins, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer


Ralph Cummins is the first person you want to invite to a meeting. First, you'll always learn something new from him. (He’s well-educated, well-traveled, well-read, and well-worn — oops, we mean experienced).

Second, he’s adept at connecting the dots. Ralph quickly sees how things fit together and is able to identify how to align a group or team toward a solution. Rest assured, he listens first, because he’s eager to observe and analyze new input to find the understanding or insight. Then, he applies creativity and lateral thinking to deliver options and actions steps to address the issue. 

Ralph is fascinated by different people and cultures, and he has traveled far and wide to experience both. It is no surprise that he’s an advisor to global nonprofit LitWorld and supports the missions committee at his church.

Ralph proudly serves as SIR’s strategy nerd, helping organizations align their overall, marketing, sales, and experience strategies to make a difference to the bottom line.

Contact Ralph at ralph.cummins@sirhq.com.

He’s also on LinkedIn.