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Rachel Burgess, Principal

Rachel Burgess, Principal


The best way to describe Rachel Burgess is "engaging." She has a way of connecting with people that results in deep and lasting relationships. You can tell she genuinely cares about her work running the quantitative market research side of SIR and that she is passionate about helping clients uncover insights that can change their futures.

Rachel is not your typical Millennial, in that her first job out of college over a dozen years ago was with SIR. She's grown here and is now shaping our internal culture while delivering research for clients that makes a difference. She is especially adept at seeing the broader implications often buried in the data.

Rachel is also engaged in all things RVA, including the regional Chamber of Commerce, groups focused on the future of everyone in the community, and the local and national music scene. (Check out her blog, Neon Lamb.)

Contact Rachel at rachel.burgess@sirhq.com.

Rachel is on LinkedIn.