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Patrice Lewis, Senior Advisor

Patrice Lewis, Senior Advisor


Patrice Lewis is a licensed attorney and worked for six years for state and federal legislators, including U.S. Senator Mark Warner of Virginia. She's very engaged in community and faith-based organizations across Richmond. And she's a top talent at SIR.

Her area of focus is communications and public affairs, and she serves as the account supervisor for several SIR assignments. Patrice is one of those people who can wear many hats, and she's done so during her time at SIR.

Yet her strength is a steadfast resolve and even-keel approach to any situation, even ones that unravel most people. That explains why she's had assignments on complex issues with multiple stakeholders and strong opinions. Patrice remains unfazed and undaunted. Plus, she knows how to make her case (the lawyer thing, remember?).

Her management skills go beyond handling people to include tracking the myriad of details found in every SIR engagement. It's that combination that makes us happy she's here.

Patrice holds an undergraduate degree in sociology from the University of Virginia and a law degree from Regent University. She is adjunct faculty at VCU's Brandcenter.

Contact Patrice at patrice.lewis@sirhq.com.

Patrice is on LinkedIn.