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Marybeth Wydock, Senior Advisor, Art Director

Marybeth Wydock, Senior Advisor, Art Director


Growing up, Marybeth Wydock's favorite color in the box of 64 Crayola crayons was Midnight Blue. These days, she's more partial to orange and blue, thanks to four years at the University of Florida. But she's open to using any color — or font — if it helps her communicate visually.

Marybeth is a talented, detail-oriented art director and graphic designer who helps make SIR's deliverables visually appealing. For tasks big or small, she attacks every assignment with enthusiasm and speed. With Marybeth, you can have good and fast at the same time.

When not at her drafting board (haha, we mean her mac-daddy Mac), she keeps busy with two teenage girls active in sports or is out training for her next half-Ironman. 

When not on the road, you can also find her on LinkedIn.