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Michael Norvell, Principal

Michael Norvell, Principal


Michael Norvell has a particular knack for getting all the details just right. Yet Michael doesn't let his skill at managing minutia stop him from keeping the big thing the big thing. 

That's why Michael handles business development for all of SIR. No matter your industry, category, or business issue, reach out first to Michael to start your relationship with our team. He'll quickly connect you to the appropriate SIR resource and make sure we understand your perspective as we explore potential engagements.

While Michael boasts a long and successful career in the transportation and transit sector, at SIR he works with a range of clients to help them tackle research and business issues. He's still the go-to-guy for transportation projects, but his capabilities and contributions are significantly broader than one category.

You may just want to be careful talking about college sports around Michael. He's yet another disappointed U.Va. football fan, but hope springs eternal for for U.Va. basketball.

Contact Michael at michael.norvell@sirhq.com.

Michael is on LinkedIn.