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Laura Lattimer, Advisor, Editorial & Marketing

Laura Lattimer, Advisor, Editorial & Marketing


Laura Lattimer is not your typical Millennial (and we would know). She prefers talking with people face to face. She likes books with real pages to turn. She’s so over her own social media accounts that she killed them all. Her reason? Managing her virtual life got in the way of living her in-person one — IRL, as they say.

Yet Laura is not atypical for SIR: She trends toward the over-inquisitive and over-involved. Before joining our team, Laura worked at a social-impact communications agency near D.C., served in leadership roles for two nonprofit organizations, and was active in county planning and politics. For all three, she rolled up her sleeves and dug in — eager to contribute to good causes regardless of cost to her sleep schedule.

For SIR, Laura provides editorial and marketing strategy, tapping into her detail-oriented eye and sharp-as-a-tack brain. With an interdisciplinary politics degree from the University of Virginia, Laura brightens any room she’s in and instantly connects with people across all walks of life — especially those engaging with her in the real world.

You can reach Laura at laura.lattimer@sirhq.com.

She’s still online in one place, LinkedIn.