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John W. Martin, CEO and Managing Partner

John W. Martin, CEO and Managing Partner


Search Google for "intellectually curious" and you're bound to find John W. Martin. He is one curious guy. It's no surprise that he's well-informed, thoughtful, insightful, and a natural leader. In the early 2000s, John left corporate marketing — after almost 20 years in the advertising agency business — to take over SIR from its founders.

In the years since, John has built SIR into the most well-respected research and consulting firm in the region. Clients frequently tell us they would hire no one else, now that they have benefited from engaging SIR on a project. Most of that is due to John's ability to identify the core issue and direct his band of inquisitive minds to dig hard for solutions. Clients say he's smart. His co-workers know he's kind.

John is also a gifted keynote presenter (visit the Institute of Tomorrow to see) and a remarkable leader of SIR. He is on several nonprofit and community boards and, when he's not in front of a whiteboard mapping something out, he spends time making both RVA and Norfolk better places for everyone.

Contact John at john.martin@sirhq.com.

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