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John Judy, Senior Advisor

John Judy, Senior Advisor


When is a person an institution? When they've been working at SIR for almost 40 years, that's when. Meet John Judy, or "JJ," as he's called. He's our institution.

JJ deserves the title for much more than his stick-to-it-ness. He's reliable, trustworthy, honest, helpful, kind, and genuine. He's dedicated to SIR and to helping the firm help our clients in any way he can. It's no surprise that since 1978 JJ has worn many, many hats. Currently, he manages our data analytics, crunching and validating survey data. He also provides excellent stewardship of several transportation and transit-related assignments, making sure client needs are met.

JJ's good nature and willingness to lend a hand is a foundation of the culture of SIR, making it a better place for all associates. Plus, it's also cool that he knows where all the skeletons are hidden (and maybe even where the ghosts hide in our 100-year-old building).

Contact JJ at john.judy@sirhq.com.

JJ is on LinkedIn.