SIR's Institute for Tomorrow think tank 

It's not about "predicting" the future. It's about planning for tomorrow.


SIR’s work for clients is informed by custom research and our analyses of existing secondary research. But the biggest advantages to engaging SIR is our think tank, SIR’s Institute for Tomorrow®.

We launched the think tank because the pace of change is increasing seemingly exponentially. Planning for tomorrow is nearly impossible based on how much change we’ve experienced in just the last five or ten years. The job of the Institute for Tomorrow (the IFT) is to pause long enough to look and listen for the weak signals behind the trends impacting tomorrow. What changes will matter? How will consumers or customers respond to what’s next? What is the best path forward?

Giving Your Organization a New Perspective

SIR's Institute for Tomorrow helps companies, nonprofits, government agencies, associations, and communities better understand the impact of the generations on the future. That includes Millennials, Gen Xers, Boomers, and the next generation coming, called Gen Z for now.

More than that, the IFT provides consulting services on mapping the future. We help organizations and communities plan for the future by mapping the trends impacting tomorrow, how the generations impact those trends, and what it means you should be doing today.

Talented Keynote Speakers Who Deliver Content Brilliantly

Our Institute's insights come to life in engaging, customized, insightful keynote presentations from John Martin and Matt Thornhill. 

Seasoned meeting planners know all too well the challenges of finding a great topic delivered by an equally great speaker. You’ve likely spent your fair share of time listening to speakers that didn’t really connect with you and what keeps you up at night or others that may have inspired you in the moment, but shared no realistic insights to apply when you’re back in the real world.

If you’ve come in search of something better, a cut way above the typical speaker options, a home run for your event, then you’ve come to the right place.

John W. Martin & Matt Thornhill

John and Matt spend part of every year speaking professionally around the globe at trade and professional conferences, senior leader meetings and conferences, and board retreats. Overall, they help businesses, organizations, and communities see the future and how to succeed more clearly and accurately. Matt and John are both futurists, generations experts, recognized thought leaders, and authors.

For the past 15 years, they have racked up an impressive list of speaking clients, not to mention frequent flyer miles. Attendees tell us it’s because they bring it all – content that’s provocative and captivating delivered in inspiring and entertaining ways. Nobody looks at their cell phones when either of these two are on stage.


If your organization wants to understand the many opportunities Baby Boomers create as consumers and workers in this longevity economy, Matt’s your guy. Visit to learn more.

JWM Speaking at IPI Conference IV - 6-30-2015.jpg

If you’d like John to help your audience become futurists themselves, by sharing data-driven insights, implications, and action steps via a keynote speech, workshop, retreat, or training event, visit


Other SIR Speakers

Because SIR is comprised of senior-level strategy, marketing, and communications professionals, it’s no surprise that many of us speak locally, regionally, and nationally on the topics for which we have expertise and passion. See below for more speaker options and topic areas:

JR Hipple -  Higher Education, Diversity and Inclusion, and Reputation Management

JR Hipple - Higher Education, Diversity and Inclusion, and Reputation Management

Susan Baxter  - Healthcare, Longevity, Senior Living

Susan Baxter - Healthcare, Longevity, Senior Living

Rachel Burgess  - Regional Tourism and Economic Development

Rachel Burgess - Regional Tourism and Economic Development

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