It's not about "predicting" the future. It's about planning for tomorrow.

There are futurists, and then there are research-based futurists. SIR's Institute for Tomorrow is our in-house generational think tank, delivering insights on what's coming down the road by a thorough analysis of the research — our own and that of others.

For over a dozen years, SIR has been diligently adding to our institutional knowledge on the impact of generational dynamics in the workplace and marketplace. Recognized as national authorities on Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials, SIR has organized key insights around trends shaping society, culture, and everything else about life in America to anticipate what's coming — and what it means for organizations and communities.

Many organizations first engage SIR's Institute for Tomorrow when looking for a futurist speaker for an event, conference, meeting, or workshop. SIR's full-service data-crunching and strategy capabilities can fit in seamlessly as the next step — or vice versa. 

Our Institute's insights come to life in engaging, customized, insightful keynote presentations from John Martin and Matt Thornhill. Watch videos, and learn more about the Institute and John and Matt as speakers on the Institute for Tomorrow website.