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What do you need to know today so you can thrive tomorrow?

SIR is a 53-year-old strategic consultancy with deep expertise formulating corporate, brand and communications strategies grounded in market research and future trends.  

Our diverse team from a variety of industry backgrounds strives to make a difference for our clients and communities by shaping the future with transformational ideas and plans.

Our expertise spans a variety of industries, with a focus on:

  • Healthcare and Aging

  • Higher-education

  • Transportation

  • Tourism

  • Regional Planning & Economic Development




53 Years of Experience
in National and Regional Markets

Deep experience in corporate, brand and communications strategy and implementation at
some of the largest companies and organizations, both locally and beyond.

In addition, our generational insights are often sought out by national and trade media outlets.

They have been featured in the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune,
the Toronto Star, BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, and Barron’s, as well as on NBC nightly news,
CBS news, MSNBC, and NPR’s “Morning Edition.”


Put more smarts into your strategy

We have deep expertise in a wide-variety of research and marketing disciplines to support our own work and that of others. 

We have worked with agencies and other organizations on the design, development and delivery
of research and communications projects that uncover or showcase powerful new insights. 

Our difference is that we can not only do the research, but can also tell you what it means,
and how your organization should successfully integrate and implement findings to better serve customers.

We can even help you develop and launch your campaigns.



SIR specializes helping state governmental agencies, higher education, healthcare, the destination and hospitality industry, economic development efforts, and even entire communities. This is all very important work that makes a difference to our society and the well-being of our fellow humans.

Simply put, we love serving organizations that improve our world, so we can, too. 


Healthcare and Aging


Higher Education

Tourism and Economic Development


Put our knowledge of tomorrow to work today

What’s coming next, who’s driving the change, and what should you do?

All our work is supported by SIR’s Institute for Tomorrow, our in-house research-based think-tank that identifies and reports on the major demographic and cultural trends shaping the future.

We share our research-supported trends through keynote speeches, planning workshops, and training events. 

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