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Erin Bishop, Managing Partner

Erin Bishop, Managing Partner


Erin Bishop reads minds. And faces. And body language. Not to mention inflection, tone, and manner. That's what 20 years of conducting qualitative research teaches you. Erin merged her successful research practice with SIR in 2016, strengthening our capability to deliver insights for our clients. 

Erin's inquisitive nature — especially when it comes to behavior and motivations — drives her work. She is constantly refining and innovating qualitative techniques, and in recent years has become a strong advocate of Virtual Communities (VCs), which enable deeper, more revealing observations about the mindsets of participants. (And, not to mention, they greatly reduce the need for her or our clients to stow and lock tray tables and return their seats to their full and upright position.) She would love to tell you all about them.

When not uncovering entrenched perceptions and attitudes of unsuspecting research participants, Erin is chasing after a rambunctious 10-year-old son, avoiding all those Legos on the floor. She’s working on understanding his motivations.

Contact Erin at erin.bishop@sirhq.com.

Erin is on LinkedIn.