When you focus on helping clients figure out what's next, you're bound to work on important assignments and meet interesting people.

If you have big challenges or big dreams, SIR can help. We support organizations in understanding what they can do today to improve tomorrow — through market research, strategic planning, change and crisis management support, and more.

Our small team of 20 consultants has nearly five decades of experience in transportation, education, healthcare, placemaking, and nonprofits. And we’re always eager to learn more to get the job done for our clients.

Here's a small glimpse into what SIR has helped organizations accomplish over the years: 

  • The city of Charlotte to discover insights about its chance to be a place where everyone belongs.
  • AARP to uncover ways to better connect with today's generation of newly minted 50-year-olds.
  • The most diverse university in Virginia to develop and implement a diversity and inclusion strategic plan.
  • A national food brand to home in on a believable, unique, and motivating brand position to take to market.
  • A nursing college in Chicago to train professors and administrators in managing generational dynamics in the classroom and with staff.
  • A local transit system to unlock a full range of quantitative data that would fuel its long-term marketing strategy for increasing ridership.
  • A major road construction project to build vital community support through a hands-on and comprehensive media, outreach, and public engagement campaign. 

How can we help you improve tomorrow?


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