We won’t just help you craft your story. We’ll help you share it.

If you have a message to spread or a brand to improve, we can help. If your culture needs modernizing or your leaders need support managing an issue or crisis, we can help. And if you just want to tell your story better through your website, social media, or videos — you guessed it — we can help with that, too. SIR has extensive in-house experience in the entire lifecycle of video, photography, and website production, all of which you can tap into to not only tell the story of your brand or message, but show and share it.

At SIR, we boast a team of communications and creative professionals with decades of experience and a track record of success — particularly in helping organizations address the sensitive or complex issues they face today. To also prepare leaders for demographic trends facing tomorrow's workforce, SIR specializes in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives as well. Some of our communications services our outlined below.




A lot of firms pay lip service to public relations and community engagement and then simply check the box with a press release or sparsely attended forum. We know, however, that many initiatives fail simply due to a lack of on-the-ground legwork. After all, if your stakeholders aren’t informed, engaged, understood, and included from the very beginning and throughout the life of a project, then even an earth-shattering idea will simply fall on deaf ears.

We help our clients engage with stakeholders through whichever means make the most sense for them. Sometimes, workshops and forums can be extremely effective. Other times, one-on-one interviews, online or in-person focus groups, or scientific surveys will yield more in-depth insights. And, when it comes to sharing the results and impact of our work together, we put our wealth of experience and connections to use to ensure the most effective media placement to drive awareness and engagement.





SIR specializes in helping organizations navigate complex and sensitive issues. We advise and assist leaders when their organizations are facing problems — both internally and externally — and we help organizations succeed when they’re on the right track and simply want to continue improving.

We develop and implement strategic communications and leadership initiatives to support four key areas that drive an organization’s reputation:

  • Leadership vision and integrity;

  • Corporate culture and change;

  • Brand reputation; and

  • Social responsibility and environmental relations.

We work closely with our clients to identify emerging opportunities or risks — peering around the corner to anticipate changes that could have a positive or negative impact on the organization. This way, even when the unexpected occurs, you can be sure we’ll have a plan in place to manage any crisis.




America is rapidly changing. By 2044, the minority will become the majority, and leading organizations must adapt their internal cultures and management practices to thrive in the face of these facts:

  • Workgroups with diverse experiences are proven to be more creative, productive, and fulfilling for employees.

  • Organizations known for inclusive workplaces have a strong competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining employees amid a changing labor force.

  • Teams with a greater diversity of ideas can lead to more successful outputs — increasing your long-term ROI.

Inclusive workplaces will set companies apart in the future, attracting top talent and bringing out the best from workers, customers, and suppliers of all backgrounds.

That’s why SIR has developed a specialized diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) practice for private and public organizations. We help leaders and teams understand why developing a DE&I-focused workplace culture improves business today and is critical to success for tomorrow — and then help implement it. Quite simply, we approach DE&I initiatives differently. We combine our organizational development and strategic planning expertise with our unique in-house knowledge of demographic, economic, and cultural shifts that are shaping America’s future. Our nimble team of 20 consultants is eager to make a difference, and they each have varied life experiences that bring a richness to our work and to your needs.




As consumers increasingly prioritize a brand’s personal identity and sense of purpose, organizations are turning to video to tell their story — to showcase the why alongside the who and the what. The world-famous French director Jean Luc Godard once famously said, “Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form.” As much as Godard continues to be right, the reality is this “form” can sometimes only be fifteen-seconds (or even six). 

The following pieces encapsulate a wide variety of campaigns, brand initiatives, and public service announcements for clients both big and small.

Client: The Richmond Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals

In 2018, SIR donated our professional services to the Richmond SPCA to help share their story for their annual fundraising event.

Client: ColonialWebb: A Comfort Systems USA Company, Richmond VA

ColonialWebb is one of the largest commercial contractors in the mid-Atlantic. To introduce their new comprehensive HR strategy, ColonialWell, this short-form piece was produced to introduce new wellness initiatives across their wide network of locations and associations. 

Client: Gummenick Properties, Richmond VA

A mini-documentary exploring the vision behind Libbie Mill –Midtown, a unique mixed-used community right outside Richmond’s city limits

Client: VCU Health Systems, Department of Health Administration, Richmond VA

Following a comprehensive brand messaging initiative, this video was part of a series of interviews designed to illustrate the VCU Health Administration Department’s commitment to “Reimagine Healthcare.” 




A website can be an organization’s most important marketing asset, not just because it acts as the front door to a brand or cause, but because a website can be a way to genuinely connect with your potential customers or stakeholders, whether that’s through engaging content, a mobile-responsive layout, or intelligent analytics and personalization. SIR specializes in crafting unique web experiences that highlight our client’s core positioning and messaging.


Client: Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

Client: Gumenick Properties

colonialwebb crop.jpeg

Client: Colonialwebb Contracting

vastim crop.jpeg

Virginia Statewide Traffic Incident Management Committee



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