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Coldon Martin, Advisor, Creative

Coldon Martin, Advisor, Creative


These days, more and more of our clients need Coldon Martin. He's our in-house creative guru, videographer, photographer, website designer, and all-around clever man. Getting your message out there today requires video, whether for in-house use or as a paid commercial. Thanks to Coldon's killer video skills, SIR can provide these services very cost-effectively.

Coldon has shot and produced TV spots, short-form documentaries, recurring web series, and created instructional videos for a range of other clients. Plus he's shot and produced some of SIR’s own content, some of which are on our YouTube channel.

You'll find that Coldon is preternaturally gifted at explaining new technologies, the digital world, social media, and effective use of video. His work is proof.

Contact Coldon at coldon.martin@sirhq.com.

Coldon is on LinkedIn.