Better care, by design


Before leaders at Sentara Healthcare even considered putting a shovel in the ground for a new cancer center, they knew they needed to better understand the patient and caregiver experience path — both from those currently undergoing treatment and those who had been through it and could reflect.

Step in, SIR.

Following a landscape assessment of Sentara and peer institutions, we conducted in-person and bulletin board focus groups with current and former caregivers and patients in the Hampton Roads area, as well as conducted a brainstorming and listening session with Sentara’s providers.

The first thing our research revealed was just how much the area needed a state-of-the-art cancer center. But more than that, we discovered opportunities for Sentara to better engage and support patients and caregivers not only through the care and emotional support it offered, but also the amenities present and the physical space itself. Of prime importance, we found, was having all cancer-related providers and services under one roof, so patients wouldn’t be as burdened juggling multiple appointments and visits.

These insights were baked right into the blueprints of Sentara’s new cancer center. And when it opens in mid-2020, it will mark the epitome of patient- and caregiver-centric design.

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