If you build it will they come?


Like many localities across America, Howard County Maryland owns and operates senior centers for their older adult residents. Looking ahead to 2035, they wondered what would the needs of those seniors be and what new senior centers should they design and build today to meet those needs?


SIR was part of an architect project team tasked with developing a new model for senior centers. Our task was to help the team and client understand expectations of tomorrow’s older adult, specifically, Boomers. At the outset, we redirected the County away from the question about what to build to what services will Boomers want and what assets does the county already have (community centers, schools, community hospital, community college) that can be used to meet those needs.

SIR conducted county-wide qualitative and quantitative research on the expectations of both today’s and tomorrow’s seniors, and helped Howard County develop a comprehensive plan for providing the right combination of services and facilities to meet growing needs.

Not surprisingly, the recommended plan does not call for building new senior centers.

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