A more intimate form of engagement



To stay ahead in the constantly evolving landscape of nonprofit fundraising, Feed More reached out to SIR to gain a deeper understanding of its supporters and how the organization should best position itself with these key stakeholders.

Through a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research effort, we identified supporter segments and profiled each segment using insights on attitudes, perceptions and misperceptions, behaviors, and giving preferences. We also found that volunteering is often the first step to building and deepening Feed More’s long-term relationship with supporters, and so we recommended shifting the language and focus used in its communications to include those who give of their time, talents, and energy, not just donors.

However, in the course of our research, one thing became clear — the organization’s engagement capabilities were being hampered by an inability to adequately assess and track its supporters. In this vein, we’re currently working with Feed More to transform its engagement efforts through enhanced technology platforms and a strategic plan that will allow it to set smarter goals, effectively measure its progress, and better align with its mission.