Forging a new company culture



Dominion Energy came to SIR with both a problem and a tremendous opportunity. In 2016, more than a third of the Dominion workforce hit retirement eligibility, which meant the company needed a plan to replace workers in customer service, field and plant operations, and technical engineering and management roles.

The opportunity? The increasing demographic diversity of the available pool of employees meant Dominion had a chance to create a company culture that would be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive, thereby helping to attract and retain workers from historically underrepresented populations.

To help Dominion craft its first comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic plan, we conducted a research assessment of Dominion employee surveys, performed an analysis of electric utility industry diversity research, interviewed internal leaders, and presented to both Dominion’s national leadership team and the global legal team.

In addition, we designed and facilitated a two-day meeting of managers from Dominion’s operations in 14 states to review all employee policies through a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens. This review led to a rewrite of outdated HR policies, which Dominion leaders believe will be vital to employee recruitment and retention.