Gearing up for the growth spurt


Gone are the days when you can simply invest in infrastructure and wait for businesses and workers to follow. So, to spur Virginia’s economic growth, the state needed to help community and transportation planners get ahead of the curve.


By combining our placemaking expertise, generational and future trends research through SIR’s Institute for Tomorrow, and a robust survey approach, SIR aimed to illuminate how the economic development model is shifting and what that means for Virginia’s communities.

How does that help an institution like the Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment? Well, if you know anything longer than a 15-minute commute turns off today’s workforce, you can plan projects to help alleviate bottlenecks and jams. And, if you’re looking to attract millennials, and you know they value bikeable and walkable communities with reliable public transit options, you can invest your resources accordingly.

Long story short — following months of research and synthesis of insights such as these, Virginia’s planners knew the model hadn’t just shifted, it had flipped. When you create and promote a desirable place to live, the people will come. And when the people come, the businesses follow.

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