Why should I give to you, exactly?


In the world of healthcare fundraising, the fight for donor dollars can be intense, especially when you’re an organization like the Medical College of Virginia Foundation, tasked with supporting research, education, and patient care across one of the largest and most impactful health systems in the state.

To strengthen the foundation’s fundraising efforts, we assessed the landscape, collected input from the key voices at the table, synthesized what we learned, and tested potential new brand positions that could make the foundation stand out and spur donations.

This led to a revamped vision and mission, brand promise, message, core values, and reasons to believe — all of which centered around the MCV Foundation’s ability and track record to take philanthropic support and put it to its best use, supporting some of healthcare industry’s most cutting-edge research, care practices and education.

Today, you can see the brand architecture SIR provided in every communications piece the MCV Foundation produces.

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