Bring it on home

As one of the first and most successful in-home senior care companies in the country, Home Instead Senior Care was bound to encounter some challengers in the marketplace. To stay ahead, the company tapped SIR.

Through our product development, market positioning and public relations research, we sought to answer three separate, but interrelated questions:

·       What kind of new programs would real consumers find appealing?

·       What concrete evidence could Home Instead use to substantiate its claims about its services?

·       And how could it better deliver its message in the marketplace?

Across multiple research projects, SIR set forth an approach to package a premium in-home dementia care program, uncovered specific evidence that paid in-home care from firms like Home Instead is more effective than family care, and created what has become the highly publicized and industry standard “40-70 rule.” SIR discovered that positive elder care outcomes occur when  parents and their adult children have conversations about their care needs. The time to have those talks isn’t in the middle of a crisis, but once either the parents reach age 70 or the children are 40.

Millions of dollars in new revenue? Unassailable evidence to use in its promotion and lobbying efforts? A positive, useful message to earn media coverage? Check. Check. And check.

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