Decommissioned don’t mean a thing


When the U.S. Army decommissioned Fort Monroe, it left behind a rich historic property brimming with tourism development opportunities. But what shape should that development take?

SIR took one of the first steps in answering that question through a comprehensive visitor study designed to find out not just who would be interested in a destination such as Fort Monroe, but why they’d be interested, and what they’d most like to see and experience as part of their visit.

Located near better-known attractions like Colonial Williamsburg and Virginia Beach, Fort Monroe lacked visibility. However, our study revealed it had the potential to deliver on an appealing mix of commercial recreation and interpretive history.

With a detailed portrait of the types of visitors Fort Monroe could expect and how to reach them, the Fort Monroe Federal Area Development Authority charted a strategic master plan to guide future commercial development of the area. Since then, it has taken its rightful place as one of the region’s must-visit sites.

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